How VR Will Change The Way We Eat ¬¬

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VR is an inevitable future, whether we like it or not, just the sheer amount of research getting put into VR is slowly changing our world. Hell, even porn is changing, more and more companies are opting to use­ ­­vr sex videos instead of traditional streaming. VR is being used for pilot training, in military etc. But eating? It could be a shock to many of us that VR could change this, after all, haven’t we been eating the same way for thousands of years?

Most of the change will come from the way food is marketed to us, as well as through packaging, however benefits are coming also from employee training methods and customer experience.

Employee training

First comes employee training, training processes can vary a lot from region to region even in the same company. There’s little way to streamline the training process so that it’s entirely uniform across the whole company. Luckily, VR can easily change this, it can create a virtual world which is easy to interact with for the employees. This allows to minimize training costs, as well as potential for injury during training. In the future VR could be used as a way to train high-quality chefs and those that work with extremely high quality ingredients without putting the ingredients themselves in jeopardy.

Improving Customer Experience

Marketing through experiences has fundamentally changed the industry, food museums, sponsorships and such have been boosting food sales. VR naturally comes into this sphere, offering a fully immersive experience with the luxury of the participant not actually having to go there. This has already been applied by apps like Boursin Sensorium which showcases various kinds of cheese. Products such as these are bound to only multiply as VR picks up the pace.

It Makes Eating More Interactive

It has been shown time and time again that simply interacting with your customers in real life is no longer enough to make it in the marketing world. Digital marketing has pretty much conquered the market, augmented and virtual reality is simply the natural progression of this trend. The usage of VR doesn’t end here though, companies have begun to use it in order to educate their consumer base on the pros and cons of different food products. Soon, VR might be able to show you exactly how many calories you’re intaking, and what your next meal should be.


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