Over the years, explainer videos have gained a lot of popularity, especially in terms of pricing and helping businesses grow. Explainer videos are now greatly used as a marketing tool. The following are some of the reasons that explain why businesses need explainer videos.

  1. Increased conversion rates

A recent research that took place showed that 85 % of people are more likely to buy a certain product if they have an explainer video demonstrating all the information regarding it. Explainer videos help owners of various businesses keep a check on how many people are visiting the website and have the potential to become actual customers. Usually businesses keep a track of all the values manually, however explainer videos check how many customers have visited the site by showing the number of people that have viewed the video.

  1. Clarifying the product

Text can be interpreted in various ways; therefore it is better to use explainer videos to describe the product easily. Videos can also help people gain a better insight to the product or service as they can see and hear it someone talking about it. Explainer videos helps building a connection with potential customers and showing them why they should choose your product over other businesses.

  1. Better Rankings

Research shows that websites who only have pages filled with texts and certain images do not rank that well on Google, thus leading to lack of exposure. Moreover, this loses the interest of those customers who want a quick understanding regarding the product and who want to purchase it right away. Most of the time, it takes a person less than a minute to decide whether or not they want to purchase a certain product. Explainer videos helps make that decision easier for them.

  1. Showcase your personality

It is important for a customer to gain a certain trust from your business before buying your product or service. This is usually the case for online businesses where the customer has no contact with you directly. Therefore your explainer video will give you a virtual connection between you and your customers.

Apart from increasing your overall sales, gaining popularity for your company and providing a proper description for your products, explainer videos have so many more reasons why they are important for your business. Overall, videos all over the world are seen as a great medium to provide and share information.