Who has the time to read what you are selling them? It’s the generation of technology, and daily new Products and services are being posted. Researchers have shown that individuals view an ad only for 3 to 5 seconds. Understanding the need to attract the attention of the individual in these 3 to 5 seconds for converting them into a potential customer is the need of the hour. Many startups have failed because they couldn’t penetrate and reached the customers and creating a marketing plan without doing analysis is the primary source of this failure.

What can help you gain customers’ attention?

An explainer video is an answer as it can be the weapon for engaging customers. It is a brief animated video which translates your business idea to the customer and encourages them to buy your projects or services. Once the customer understands the gist of the product/service; the chances of them to become your potential customer increases, which will result in conversion rates to hike.

 As the majority of people, today is available on the web startups should target to capture the customers here. Since user engagement is shown to be maximum for videos as compared to any other form of ads; it becomes essential to create an explainer video.

 When users spend more time on a particular video or website; the rank of your video or website increases in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This further helps you to attract more customers to your products which will be shown in more search engines. This is a repetitive action and will continue to happen. Explainer videos also help you to create your brand as this video is all about your creativity. Using the colors of your logo when creating a brand will permanently be associated with your product/service.

 It also helps you to interact with the customers directly and showcase what you have created for them. The video needs to state the problem and the solution which they have created to overcome the Problem. This will help to increase the user engagement. These videos allow you to re-direct the customer to your website for continued purchase. It also allows the customer to take action at that moment itself. This is very useful when the services that you provide need registration or subscription. It gives you a direct platform where you showcase what your idea is, what you are capable of and how you have achieved to get here. But, the most important point to capture in these videos is to assure the customer of your service and give surety that you will always be there for them. TRUST is the key to the growth of any business.